Hackintoshes are great way to enhance your productivity! Here are some listed reasons why you should install macOS on PC, I absolutely recommend having one!

1. Modularity
Apple give bet optimizations with their products, but very low support for custom hardware, with Hackintosh at your workplace, you can customize your own PC as you want it, Use the amount of RAM, HDD space, Graphics Card etc.

2. Gamer friendly
Gamers don’t like slow PCs and so do we! Nothing is satisfying than a good session of your favorite game after a tiring office work! even if you dual-boot, everybody knows how macs are low performing when it comes to gaming.. so Own a Hackintosh instead!

3. Cheap / Budget Friendly
Getting a mac is expensive, keeping a mac is even more.Not everyone can simply go out to the store and take a mac home. It is expensive peace of machine, and if this thing breaks somehow, you know you are emptying your pockets again. So why not go for an alternative that don’t make holes in your pocket. Maybe you can convert your old PC sitting in the corner into a brand new mighty Hackintosh which will run butter smooth.

4. Better than Mac
Hackintoshes in the history of their existence have outperformed macs with 2 generations ahead, number of times! still wondering why you need to install macOS on PC?

5. Upgrade as much as you want
Almost Every year apple releases their new macbook or imac, “Fastest and strongest ever” but you can’t just buy a new one every year? why not upgrade your existing one?

6. Productivity
There are many creators around the world who want to use apple exclusive softwares like final cut pro for video editing or Logic pro for music,Which not only make your work look better but increase your productivity so you can make more projects in less time.

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