Gone are those days when you have to buy an expensive Apple iMac or MacPro to use macOS exclusive apps, use a Hackintosh Desktop instead!
Hackintosh desktop builds are generally more powerful, upgradable and modular than macs. You can turn your existing pc into a mac by installing macOs in it. If you are looking for something portable, try Hackintosh laptop, For infinite power, go ahead and stick with us through the end of this post.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should consider buying a Hackintosh Desktop before buying a Mac

Budget-Friendly – Hackintoshes are well known for being cheap alternates for apple computers.

Great Online Community – With superb support from the online community, Hackintosh desktops are getting very popular amongst creator around the world.

Customisability – First thing what comes to mind when you think of a PC, is its ease of Hardware upgradability, now think of getting all that goodness in a mac! How cool right?

Hackintosh Desktop Customisability

Extreme Power – It is proven that a current-gen Hackintosh desktop can easily outperform the latest macs by a huge margin.

Expand as you wish – with the modularity in the basket, expanding storage now is as easy as shopping bananas

Gamer eh? – You can easily dual-boot your hack with windows and still play all the PUBG you want!

Convinced now? Let’s find a great Hackintosh desktop for you!

Packs Available


All Basic Apps Installed For A Smooth Experience

INR 0/-


All  Video / Graphic Productio Tools Inbuilt

INR 999/-

Music Production Bundle

All Popular Audio Editing Tools Inbuilt Preinstalled

INR 499/-

Here are spome pre-built hackintosh builds that you can purchase with a single click!

Unleash The Beast!