So, You want to try a mac os and not sure about buying one? Why not just make a Hackintosh Build!
Before that, Let’s go through some frequently asked questions that can come up with your mind.

What is a Hackintosh?

Any Non-Apple Computer System running Apple mac OS on it is known as a Hackintosh.

Why make a Hackintosh Build?

There could be many reasons why a person would prefer a Hackintosh over Regular iMac/Windows/Macbook,

  • Software Limitations: Not all Softwares sun on windows, sometimes you need to use software like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, etc. which exclusively support mac OS.
  • Budget: One of the most common reasons among people, Apple Systems are pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford them
  • Explore / Educational Purpose: Many users,  Just like us, want to explore how various OS works and their Pros and cons.
  • Performance Boost: It is proven with many benchmarking scores, that Hackintosh on a Pc works far better than original mac products. Mostly Users prefer Hackintosh systems for video editing, music production, and graphics.

Can Anyone make Hackintosh?

Yes, Anyone can make their own Hackintosh build. However, It requires extreme research skills and medium level coding skills, and We’d say a dedicated IT enthusiast can easily make one build. To all the users, who don’t want to spend sleepless nights or value their time over little money, we would recommend taking the help of professionals like us. Simply give us a call or contact us via email.

Can any pc / laptop be built into a Hackintosh?

Since mac OS is officially compatible with Apple products only, It is difficult for other non-apple products to run mac OS natively. So, we use bootloader tools like clover to fake our hardware specification as apple ones and make OS Compatible.

Do you need any specific or extra components to make a Hackintosh?

Generally, No extra hardware is required to run macOS Successfully on a Hackintosh build. provided, compatible hardware and used. However. Most of the Hackintosh laptops use Intel Wifi cards, which is not supported by macOS, so you might need to change it to Broadcom one, to make your wifi working.

Can I Dual boot Hackintosh with windows?

Yes! of course, We recommend having separate disks, for both the OS to run independently. Having both partitioned in GPT UEFI, you can easily select which os to boot in Clover bootloader Screen

Can Hackintosh Harm your PC?

Nope! Hackintoshes do not harm your computer; however, if you don’t use proper kexts, your Hackintosh might be a little unstable or under-utilize your computer’s hardware. So, It’s always recommended to get your Hackintosh build using expert help!

It Hackintosh Illegal?

Yes, you might feel “I bought the computer, and I should be able to install any software I want on it!” but things are not that simple! When you purchase a license for Macintosh, you agree that this OS can only be used with Apple Product that you bought.
Thus, We Declare that the use of a Hackintosh should only be limited to educational purpose only! MacOnPc is not liable for any activity you perform on your build. We Strongly Recommend that you buy an official Apple Mac product if you are satisfied with the build.

I want to make one Hackintosh Build. Can you help me?

Sure, Give us a call, we would provide you the best possible mac solution for you in your budget.